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TMZ: Day Above Ground Refusing to Apologize for Asian Girlz. Removes Video, Yet Defends It

posted by Randall

Day Above GroundDay Above Ground is refusing to apologize for its controversial and racist song Asian Girlz even after removing the video from its You Tube Channel.

In an interview conducted by TMZ  just hours before the song’s removal, the group defended the song and acknowledged it didn’t expect the backlash it received.

“We didn’t expect this kind of backlash, this fast and this harsh right away,” said one of the group’s members.  “We knew it was going to be controversial to an extent, but it just got off from a blogging stand point that it was going to get attacked and set the precedence for the whole thing.”

The group said it was removing the video out of caution.

“We’re doing that basically for the safety of ourselves and everybody we know. We don’t want anybody to get hurt and there’s been a lot of nasty things said that I’d rather not repeat about us, about the model in the video that it is, its so out of proportion, I don’t understand but it’s the way of the world today I guess.”

Yes, nasty things were said. But threats of physical violence? That statement strongly implies they were threatened with violence. Yet when asked to elaborate, the group declined.

Day Above Ground announced it was taking down the song hours before it actually removed it. When asked why they weren’t taking the song down right away, the group said this.

“Basically what we want to do is give it a fair chance for everybody to see it, to maybe really see it again for what it really is. It’s a satire, it’s a comedy. We didn’t mean any harm by it. So we’re keeping it up for the time being and we’re letting everybody see it for now and we’re pulling it at midnight Saturday.”


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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From @servantonice via Twitter RE: Day Above Ground Refuses to Apologize: After they did have Asian Women in the video, and their girlfriends are all Asian, so it is good right? #IgnorantWhiteBoys

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