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Huff Post: Why Progressives Can’t Ignore Asian American Issues

Asian Americans at Immigration Rally
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In interesting blog appear in the Huffington Post that suggested bringing Asian American issues into the national debate could swing Republican votes on many important issues.

Blogger Jarryd Willis points out that rarely is it mentioned that 1.4 million people of Asian descent are undocumented or that 200,000 Asian youth would qualify under the Dream Act.

The way Willis sees it, Republicans have written off the black, Hispanic and gay vote and may feel they have nothing to gain by supporting immigration reform and other issues impacting those communities.

On the other hand, Republicans have yet to give up on the Asian vote as witnessed by renewed outreach by the GOP to the Asian American community, something that was rarely seen during the 2012 national elections.

Willis says only by bringing in the unique concerns of Asian Americans on abortion, racial profiling, voting rights, affirmative action and gay marriage will Republicans have an interest in responding.

What do you think? Read Willis’ blog in the Huffington  Post and share your thoughts.






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