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Pew: Chinese Second Most non-English Language Spoken in US

Chinatown New YorkAn analysis of the American Community Survey by the Pew Research Center has found that Chinese is the second most non-English spoken language in the United States, behind Spanish.

2.8 million people speak Chinese at home, that’s well short of the 37.6 million who speak Spanish.

Hindi, Urdu or other Indic languages are grouped together as third with 2.2 million.

French is right behind at fourth with 2.1 million.

Tagalog placed fifth at 1.7 million.

Surprisingly not all Spanish speaking are Hispanic. You can read a lot more about that in Pew


  1. RE: Chinese Second Most non-English Language Spoken in US: Great survey!! I enjoyed the information. Thing is it’s not matter how many peoples speaking English around the world but the value of English language is worldwide. One good English speaker can a much better job from a non-speaker English person. Thanks.


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