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NY Times: Gambling Buses a Daily Way of life for Some Asian Immigrants ht @hyphenmagazine

gamblingWhy would anyone pay $15 to ride a gambling bus if they don’t gamble?

The NY Times reports that for some Chinese & Korean  immigrants its part of their daily routine.

They take advantage of the free gambling and food vouchers they get on the trips, coupons they later sell on the black market.

Times photographer Yeong-Un Yang has been photographing these trips starting in February.

“For many of them, it’s a job,” Yang said. “There are those that arrive at the casino and go straight to the waiting room and immediately start waiting for the next bus to go home.”

You can see his fascinating photo essay in the NY Times.


  1. Gambling buses a daily way of life for Some Asian immigrants: Don’t believe Yang is a NY Times photographer. That section showcases indie work on a weekly basis in the Sunday edition.


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