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Politico: Poll Show @RepMikeHonda With Huge Lead over @RoKhannaUSA

Mike HondaRo KhannaA poll by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling shows incumbent Mike Honda has a commanding lead over challenger Ro Khanna in the open primary for the congressional seat in California’s Silicon Valley, reports Politico

The race pits a political veteran and Japanese American with strong support from labor and progressives against a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Indian American with a huge treasure chest and support from the high tech community.

According to the poll, Honda has a 49 to 15 percent lead over Khanna. But with 14 months to go before the November primary, that lead is likely to narrow.

Under the open primary system, Khanna just needs to finish second and keep Honda from passing the 50 percent thresh hold to force a runoff.

Both candidates are democrats and this race will be one of the closest watched primaries in the country.

You can read more about the strengths of each candidate in Politico.




  1. From @Tyzlaw, Tyler Law, Ro Khanna's Press Secretary via Twitter: "Poll paid for and released by out-of-state special interest groups. This is exactly what @RoKhannaUSA is running against."

  2. From @Tyzlaw, Tyler Law, Ro Khanna's Press Secretary via Twitter: via @Josh_Richman: "according to a new poll commissioned and released by Honda’s political allies" #PeopleOverPACs


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