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Los Angeles Times: Aaryn Gries Mom Apologizes for Daughter’s Slurs

Aaryn Gries with Julie ChenThe mother of controversial Big Brother house guest Aaryn Gries is apologizing for the slurs and offensive remarks her daughter blurted out on the reality program, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Elizabeth Owens sent a statement to the Times saying the remarks don’t reflect on the way she and her husband raised their daughter.

“While I love and continue to support my daughter Aaryn, words cannot describe my disappointment in some of her comments made on ‘Big Brother,'” Owens wrote. “These inappropriate comments certainly do not represent the value system under which her father and I have raised her. Aaryn is a young 22-year-old college student that has spent 70 days living in a fish bowl and making mistakes for America to see.”

Owens accused CBS of exploiting her daughter’s antics for ratings.

Those antics included screaming at Korean American contestant Helen Kim to “Shut up, go make some rice,”  referring to African American house guest Candice Stewart by saying “Be careful what you say in the dark, might not get to see the bitch.” to using a homophobic term in talking about another house guest.

Owens reportedly hired a public relations firm to try to resurrect Gries reputation once she leaves the house. She was evicted last week, but will remain isolated from the outside world until the end of the program.

Gries mom also ran down a list of friendships and relationships her daughter has had with various minorities. You can read about that in the Los Angeles Times.



  1. RE: Aaryn Gries Mom apologizes for daughter’s antics on Big Brother: @aamodelminority: @AsAmNews @CBSBigBrother maybe, but she is what she is NOW


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