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Buzz Feed: Will New Miss America Make Dark Skin More Acceptable in Indian Culture


Nina Davulari Show some PersonalityThe new Miss America is generating more media attention than any other Miss America before her.

As you should well know by now, Nina Davuluri of New York is the first Indian American to wear the crown in the pageant’s history.

That’s generating all kinds of interest not only in the United States, but in India as well.

“We can’t keep up with all the requests coming in from India,” Miss America marketing coordinator Erica Fiocco told Syracuse.com . “It’s a job in itself.”

Ironically, many Indians have pointed out that Nina Divuluri would likely not have won a beauty pageant in India due to her dark skin, according to Buzz Feed.

Skin lightening products are very popular in India. Pictures of beauty contestants in India show most with fair skin.

The same standard of beauty applies to Indian men as well.

The topic has generated a conversation among Indians on Twitter. You can read more about that in Buzz Feed.






  1. RE: Will new Miss America make dark skin more acceptable in #Indian culture: The annual Miss America pageants only attracts the superficial, materialistic people who don’t care about humanity.. The world will be better without them.


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