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Wall Street Journal: The Most Racist Show on TV Could Have Been More Racist


DadsDid you watch Dad on Fox last night?  Hopefully you didn’t.

The show which has been described as the most racist on television could have been a lot worst, according to Jeff Yang of the Wall Street Journal.

Yang got hold of the original script for the series premier.

He says one of the women characters on the show, Veronica, actually had sex with a Chinese businessman to seal a deal.

“Let’s just say I wrecked him in the bedroom like a panda wrecks bamboo if a panda was having crazy sex with bamboo,” Veronica says. “No big deal. It was China penis, so it was like wrecking a furious baby’s toe.”

Also in the original script, Eli makes a comment about the sole woman in the Chinese business group. She can’t speak English. But to Eli, it shouldn’t matter. She can “moan in Chinese.”

There’s a lot more disgusting parts of the script that you can read in the Wall Street Journal.






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