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KPCC: Uninsured & Underinsured Can Sign up for Health Insurance Beginning Tomorrow


DoctorAdvocates for the uninsured are on a blitz to clarify some of the confusion over Obamacare, reports KPCC.

Unless the Republicans are successful in delaying implementation of the program, signs up will begin tomorrow through the next six months.

Those who sign up before the end of the year will have subsidized health insurance as early as January 1.

In California alone, Covered California which is implementing the program in the state, has awarded $40 million to 48 community organizations throughoutCalifornia to carry out education programs.

One of those who intends to sign up is Charlotte Innes. The teacher was laid off and lost her health benefit with it. She’s now paying expensive premiums under the COBRA program to maintain her insurance, but that will run out soon too.

“I’ve had various things happen to me in my life, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford: accidents, I had my appendix out,” Innes said. “I have a lot of medication now. I have to have the health insurance.”

You can get most of your questions answered on the Kaiser Family Foundation website.

You can read more about efforts to do community outreach about Obamacare on KPCC.





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