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Milpitas Post: Mural Honoring #Filipino American Farm Laborers to be Unveiled Today. @SJSU


Filipino Memorial ProjectA mural depicting the history and struggle of the Filipino American farm labor movement in the 1960s will be unveiled today at the Milpitas Public Library near San Jose, reports the Milpitas Post

It is part of the Filipino Memorial Project based at San Jose State University.

“The mural is really about telling stories, which have been buried or omitted for too long,” Melissa Nievera-Lozano, a project participant, said. “The mural lets us unearth them and learn from them lessons about shared struggle and survival.”

It was through the work of Filipino-American leaders Larry Itliong, Pete Velasco, Philip Vera Cruz, Andy Imutan, Ben Gines, Pete Manuel, and the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee that lead to the Delano grape strike and spawned the United Farm Workers.

You can read more about how the mural came about and how it was created in the Milpitas Post.



  1. RE: Mural Honoring Filipino American Farm Laborers Unveiled: Long overdue, but I think they should have included Filipinos who fought during World War II.


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