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Wired: Did you know “Chinese Food” is Racist?

Is it just bad or  racist?

According to a blogger published in Wired, Devon Maloney, a new video by Rebecca Black called Chinese Food  is just plain racist.

By now, you may have seen it because its gone viral.  Prepare to vomit.

Maloney write:

If you’ve seen the racist horror that is Asian Girlz,  think of Chinese Food as a sort of junior version of that monstrosity. It’s almost comical how obvious and archaic the racial stereotypes are; they seem too absurd to be true.

Comparing Chinese Food to Asian Girlz is a huge stretch.  Asian Girlz showed an Asian women in a bird cage being oogled over by a group of mostly white men. It was demeaning, sexist, racist and truly horrible.

Chinese Food is just poorly done to the point of ridiculousness. I’ve seen plenty of shows geared toward teenyboppers and tweens and admit to enjoying a few of them as sugar coated entertainment. Chinese Food is obnoxious the way Barney videos were when they were popular. The difference is Barney had an educational value featuring a multi-cultural cast of kids.  Chinese Food just needs to be sent to the compost bin.

What’s your take on this?



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