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Policy Mic: The Asian American Obsession of Getting into Top Colleges

UC Berkeley Campanile
Photo by Randall Hop

Are Asian Americans too obsessed with getting into the top colleges?

My sister-in-law mentioned to me the other day that some parents are hiring tutors and consultants to help their kids get into top schools as early as middle school.

I can’t imagine putting that kind of pressure on a kid so early. I wonder if the kids know what the long term goal is or if they just assume they’re being schooled to get A’s on their next report card.

A blog in Policy Mic by Justin Chan questions whether  Asian Americans parents tie their identity too much to what schools their kids get into.  Justin who himself graduated from an Ivy League school thought the same about his own classmates.

What’s your take on this? Did your parents put undue pressure on you? And if you’re a parent, are you connecting your own self worth too much with what schools your kids attend?




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