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CRI English: Protests against Jimmy Kimmel Live held in 23 cities

Jimmy KimmelProtests were held in 23 cities across the country Saturday over the “kill everyone in China” remarks made on Jimmy Kimmel Live, reports CRI English.

The on line site reports that in Burbank well over a thousand protestors demonstrated outside ABC headquarters. Signs read “teach kids to love not to kill” and “Fire Jimmy Kimmel.”

Kimmel issued an on-air apology several weeks after the show aired and ABC has removed the skit from its website and promised it would not air again.

The remarks were made by a child during a discussion with children about the huge debt the US owes China. Kimmel followed the remarks with the comment “that’s an interesting idea” and later asked “Should we allow the Chinese to live?”

“I think we are friends, and we should not kill others,” said six-year old Tommy Fei who’s mother took him to the demonstration.  “Killing people is against the law. He said to kill and he is against the law. Our teacher told us, if you say something about killing people, you will be asked to see the principal.”

You can see photos from the protest on CRI English.

Meanwhile, the White House is expected to issue a comment on the controversy.

The Washington Post reports a petition speaking out about the controversy on the We the People section of the White House website has surpassed 100,000 signatures.

“Every petition that crosses the threshold will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and receive a response,” White House spokesman Matt Lehrich told us. “We do our best to respond to those petitions in a timely fashion, but, depending on a variety of factors including the topic and the overall volume of petitions, response times vary.”



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