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Mediaite: How much is enough for Jimmy Kimmel protestors?


Jimmy Kimmel LiveOrganizers of this weekend’s protests in more than 20 cities nationwide against a recent skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live  say they are evaluating the latest apology from ABC and deciding on their next move.

ABC confirmed to the Chinese news agency Xinhua that the apology sent in the form of an e-mail did come from the network.

One of the protests leaders had previously been quoted in the Want China Times as saying that if the apology was legitimate it would represent a “progressive victory.”

Wang Tian said the next step for the protestors would be to evaluate the letter and determine if  a boycott of Disney, the parent company of ABC, would be launched

Tian is part of the group The Roundtable of Chinese American Organizations, a non-profit based out of Rosemead, California.

According to the Daily Caller, the group is a coalition of 72 Chinese organizations across the country and has closed ties to the Chinese Communist government.

It’s original president is Sue Zhang, daughter of Communist leader Zhang Zhizhong.

Meanwhile, an article in Mediaite quotes Jeremy Blum, a writer for the South China Morning Post, as saying the protest has taken on a “mob mentality.”

Blum is quoted as writing in the Post, “In the end, what is the point of all of these ongoing protests?…Furthermore, what more is there to achieve now that multiple apologies have been issued? One thing is clear. Many of these voices, caught up in mob mentality, have failed to realize that it is unlikely that the ABC network will fire Jimmy Kimmel.”

What do you think? Have the protestors accomplished their goal.? Should they declare victory and let the issue rest or press on?




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