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Daily Kos: Rush Limbaugh shows no remorse for mocking Chinese accent on air

Rush LimbaughEverything must be pretty quiet on the right wing front these days.

The broadcaster who considers himself the standard bearer of conservative politics is resurrecting two year old controversies to talk about.

Rush Limbaugh got into hot water a couple of years ago when he went into his crummy Chinese accent mode, mocking former Chinese premier Hu Jintao.

You can see it below. It’s pretty bad.

Now the Daily Kos is reporting that Limbaugh, for no apparent reason as far as I can tell, brought up the controversy on his show Monday. While he didn’t revert back into his bad accent which is not even worthy of a grade school playground, he clearly showed he had no remorse for what he did in 2011.

He denounced a resolution the Honolulu City Council passed back then denouncing his childish antic.

You can check it out below.

While Limbaugh found the whole episode back in 2011 humorous, it was truly no laughing matter and even lead to death threats against leaders who spoke out against Limbaugh.
You can read about that in the Daily Kos.



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