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Want China Times: Jimmy Kimmel protestors to boycott Disney

Jimmy Kimmel Live Citing a story from the state owned China News Service, the Want China Times reports protestors of Jimmy Kimmel Live will launch an online campaign to boycott ABC’s parent company, the Walt Disney Company.

ABC has been under fire since October 16 because of Kimmel’s curious response to a suggestion by a child that the US should “kill everyone in China” to take care of the huge US debt to that country.

The late night host followed up that comment with one of his own, “that’s interesting,” and then wrapped up the pre-taped segment by asking a group of children “should we allow the Chinese to live?”

The boycott comes despite at least two public apologies by ABC, an on -air apology by Jimmy Kimmel and a face to face meeting between protest organizers and Kimmel himself. ABC has also removed the segment from its website, promised to never air it again, and would review and strengthen its screening procedures to prevent similar mistakes from happening again.

You can read why the protestors found that response inadequate in the Want China Times.






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