India West: University ordered to pay damages to Indian American doctor


Michael GrahamA judge has ordered a University of Iowa official to pay damagesĀ  of $183,000 for unfairly revoking the privileges of an Indian American doctor, reports India West.

The judgment follows a ruling in May in which Judge Carl Baker found that Dr. Ravi Sood’s constitutional right to due process was violated when he was banned from providing patient care at the university hospital without a hearing.

Michael Graham (pictured), director of nuclear medicine, requested a new trial, but the judge denied the request saying the evidence supports the ruling that Graham violated the hospital’s own rules as well as Sood’s rights.

It is still possible for Graham to appeal the ruling.

Sood has said the demotion destroyed his career in nuclear medicine.

You can read what lead up to the demotion and the controversy that followed in India West.


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