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Live Blog of Manny Pacquiao -Brandon Rios fight. @MannyPacquiao @Brandon_Rios1

Pacquiao, Manny HBO

9:36 Pacific Time

” I feel, that’s what I try to do to give a good fight. I try to finish the fight but my opponent’s very tough, so give credit to him.” said Pacquiao about not getting a knock out.

“I was winning and didn’t have to get careless on the last round. So I backed off.

Pacquiao admits that he was hurt by Rios, he thinks in the 5th round.

“He’s a top fighter, very strong fighter. Not an easy opponent.

“We have a job to do in the ring, but after the fight, we are all brothers and sisters,” said Pacquiao.

Pacquiao said he does not know what he will do next.

He thanked all the Filipino people, especially the typhoon victims.



9:30 Pacific Time

Pacquiao wins on unanimous decision

9:25 Pacific Time

Pacquiao just has to end the round standing to win this fight. Or so he should. Rios is bruised and bloodied.

Rios is almost in a defensive posture. Has he given up on any chance of winning?

The fight is over. No KO for Pacquiao. Crowd roars in the last 20 seconds. The fight is over. Now all is left is the judge’s scoring.

Both fighters embrace.



9:22 Pacific Time

Here we go. Round 11 is underway. Rios has been bleeding onthe left eye and bruised in the right. He’s taking a lot of punishment, but he’s still standing. Rios is showing some stamina in this round and getting in punches too.

This round could go to Rios. Commentator Jim Lampley thinks Pacquiao is tiring.

Wow, HBO stat shows Pacquiao  has landed 100 more punches than Rios


9:19 Pacific Time

Round 10 is over. Rios will need a knockout to win because Pacquiao is clearly leading int he scoring. But show knows. Remember the Bradley fight?

HBO has Pacquiao pitching a shutout through 9 rounds. Round 10 is closer,.

9:15 Pacific Time

Rios corner is telling him that Pacquiao is getting tired and there’s only four rounds to go.

You get the feeling Rios is hoping for the one big punch that will send Pacquiao to the ground just like what Marquez did.

Crowd breaks out in Manny, Manny, Manny chant.




9:10 Pacific Time

Rios gets in a left hook in round 8. Rios getting in more punches in this round., but Pacquiao finishes round with a flurry. Otherwise pretty uneventful round 8.


9:05 Pacific Time

Pacquiao clearly landing more punches. HBO analyst has him winning every round so far. So does ESPN.

Rios goes to Pacquiao’s body. Pacquiao now getting in right hooks.

Round 7 is over. Pacquiao wins it again, it seems.


9:01 Pacific Time

The longer this fight goes, will Rios’ youth carry him?

Pacquiao seemed upset at what he may have considered a low blow by Rios to the body. Ref does not respond to the complaint.

Rios has blood coming from the left eye. Round 6 is over.




8:57  Pacific Time

Pacquiao lands some vicious left jabs in round 5. Pacquiao lands a few combinations. Manny is clearly the aggressor in this round. Round 5 is over. Pacuiao clearly won that round.

8:55 Pacific Time

Pacquiao may be winning the fight, but its not a sure thing he’ll win the war. Round 4 is over.

8:53 Pacific Time

ESPN and the analysts on ESPN have Pacquiao ahead in the right 3 rounds to nothing.

8:51 Pacific Time

Rios seems to be gaining confidence as the fight progresses. A smile broke out on Rios face as Pacquiao backed away from him. Commentators are saying this is a Rios style fight right now. Round 3 is over.

8:45 Pacific time

Round 2 is underway. Pacquiao getting in more shots, but Rios is working on getting in body shots.

This round so far seems more even.

Pacquiao gets in some body jabs on Rios, exciting the crowd.

Round 2 is over. Thunderous ovation form the crowd. Good exciting fight so far.

8:42 Pacific Time

Rios fell to the mat, but it was not a knockdown. Round 1 clearly went to Pacquiao.

Rios seemed to gain his footing as the round went on.




8:40 Pacific Time

“So much for the passive Asian sports crowd,” says commentator Jim Lampley commenting on the excited crowd.

The fight is underway.

Both fights are feeling each other out. Pacquiao has landed a couple of combinations.






8:38 Pacific Time

Let’s get ready to rumble. The introductions are now underway.

Rios is greeting with a mix of boos and cheers, mostly boos. Rios is from Oxnard, Ca  and is a Mexican American.

Pacquiao gets a thunderous ovation from the crowd and more chants of Manny, Manny, Manny.


8:35 Pacific Time

Ok, here comes Pacquiao through the crowd.  Still not a lot of cheering from this crowd in Macau. Be interesting to see their reactions during the fight.

Pacquiao has now entered the ring.

8:33 Pacific Time

Crowd chanted Manny, Manny, Manny briefly.

He has still not emerged from locker room. Didn’t he do this before the Marquez fight as well?

8:31 Pacific Time

Rios is now making his way toward the ring through the crowd. Reaction from the crowd appeared luke warm.

This looks like its going to be a Manny Pacquiao crowd.

8:30 Pacific Time

Brandon Rios has emerged from his locker room and is making his way toward the ring.

He has his mouth wide open, looks like some sort of exercise perhaps to relieve tension? Not really sure.

He is still backstage not visible to the crowd.

8:25 Pacific Time

Jessica Sanchez of American Idol fame just sang the Philippine and American National Anthems.

Pacquiao and Rios are still in their locker rooms ready to come out into the ring.

8:15 pm Pacific Time

The main event is next. Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao will square off in the ring in Macao against challenger Brandon Rios.
The crowd cheered about a half hour ago when soccer star David Beckham was seen on the score board in Pacquiao’s locker room wishing him luck.
Other celebrities seen in the crowd include Paris Hilton.
Jessica Sanchez will sing both the national anthem of the United States and the Philippines before the match.


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