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Rafu Shimpo: Asian Americans disappearing from Aloha State–at least on Hawaii Five-O

Kim, Daniel Dae with co-star Alex O'Loughlin & Guest Star Tim DalyHave you noticed a lot fewer Asian American characters on Hawaii Five-O lately?

Guy Aoki has and he wrote about in his blog for Rafu Shimpo.

According to Aoki, Steve McGarrett is being surrounded by more and more white and black characters.

Asian Americans on the island paradise are being pushed into the background or play one of the bad guys.

A lot of excitement was generated earlier in the season for fans of Daniel Dae Kim when it was announced he would play a more prominent role in the story line.’

If that’s happened, Aoki isn’t seeing it.

What do you think, Five-O fans. We’d love to hear your thoughts.




  1. RE: #Asian Americans disappearing from Hawaii Five-O. It has become very apparent. Hawaii Five-O was the only show that had main stream Asian American’s playing key roles. It’s not even realistic that there would be so many Caucasians. I won’t be watching the show much longer if it continues with this story line. Too bad, it was a great show.

  2. RE: Asian Americans disaappearing from the Aloha state: Who cares? It is all about making money. As long as the ratings are high based on the mainland viewers who gives a #@%! if we show damn Asians on the program or not?

    • RE: Asian Americans disappearing from the Aloha State: That sort of outdated thinking will and is leading to declining ratings. Did you read this UCLA study which said more diverse casts directly lead to higher ratings? http://j.mp/1egpzD0 Look around you. The demographic makeup of the United States has changed dramatically.


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