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The Wrap: Asian American Group Says Perry’s AMA Performance Was a Tribute to Japanese Culture


Katy PerryIn case you were offended by Katy Perry’s Geisha getup at the American Music Awards last weekend, not to worry! According to one Asian American group it’s actually a step in the right direction.

In a statement released today by Media Action for Asian Americans to TheWrap, Perry’s performance was reminiscent of the Beatles donning Nehru jackets in an homage to traditional Indian culture.

“We did not find Katy Perry’s performance at Sunday night’s American Music Awards to be offensive. It’s not racist for a non-Asian person to wear Asian clothes,” president Aki Aleong said. “If it was so, the Beatles would’ve been criticized for wearing Nehru jackets back in the ‘60s. By going to India, learning meditation, dressing in Indian clothes, and George Harrison taking a fondness to the sitar, the Beatles brought attention to Indian culture and enabled it to be considered and enjoyed by millions across the world.”

So, we should be thankful that Perry donned a Geisha outfit and sang to us about giving total devotion to a man. She’s paying tribute to Japanese culture.

Are you convinced yet?



  1. RE: Asian American group says Katy Perry’s geisha performance at AMAs not racist: This is the most unbelievable comment by an Asian American organization I’ve seen in years. Isn’t “MANAA” supposed to be on the lookout for stereotypes? The comparison they make is totally irrelevant. The Beatle’s went to India

  2. Re: Asian American group says Katy Perry Geisha performance wasn’t racist: If Katy Perry was paying homage to the Japanese culture, the least she could do was to wear a real kimono. Whatever she was wearing is atrocious. It’s a mashup of qipao and a kimono which would be offensive to both the Chinese and Japanese.

  3. RE: Asian American group says Katy Perry’s geisha performance not racist: For the last time shes NOT in Geisha orQiPao! shes wearing a performance Furisode. Performance Furisode have various necklines, Traditional Furisode are elaborate too. In Japan various artists will switch out the neckline or the hemline of a performance costume. They will add and detract collars from various times and places. It was a performance thats all a delight for the senses.. the same way Korean and Japanese artists in the opera dress in various ethnic costume. To say this is racist.. sorry that is racist. Telling someone of any color or creed they cannot relate to pop or traditional culture. To keep art separate via ethnic only lines that cannot be crossed.


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