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.@JulieChen joins defense of Katy Perry’s Geisha performance. Others demand apology

Julie ChenThe controversy over Katy Perry’s performance on the American Music Awards featuring the singer depicting a Geisha continues to divide the Asian American community.
CBS day time host Julie Chen is the latest to defend Perry.
She called the performance a “beautiful nod to the Asian culture.” You can watch her full take of the performance in the clip below.
Chen joins the Media Action Network for Asian Americans in defending Perry whose act has been blasted as racist by many both within and outside the Asian American community.
Many of those who object to it say Perry only succeeded in further exoticizing Asian woman, especially when performed while singing the song Unconditionally
in which Perry professes her unconditional love for her man.

A campaign has just been launched on Thunderclap to demand an apology.


  1. From @EllenDWu via Twitter RE: Julie Chen defends Katy Perry Geisha performance: Yes, just b/c a person is #AsianAmerican & a public figure doesn't automatically qualify her to speak for millions!

  2. From @ArissaRoh via Twitter RE:Julie Chen defends Katy Perry Geisha perfornance: W/eyelid surgery, ching-chong jokes, Chen has long been complicit w/wh racism, in no posn 2 spk 4 #AsianAmericans


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