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Seattle Globalist: Building in Seattle once used to interrogate Chinese immigrants

Immigration Station and Assay Office, SeattleSome called it the Ellis Island of Seattle.

The Immigration Station and Assay Office, later known as the INS Building, was used to detain and interrogate Chinese immigrants, as well as to round up Japanese American leaders during World War II for the incarceration camps.

On Sunday,  artist Morgan Dusako opened his art exhibition left:behind  at the Inscape Arts and Cultural Center in Seattle.  Visitors are immersed in the experience of being interrogated at the Immigration Station,  reports the Seattle Globalist.

Visitors are given a set of ear phones and an iPod as they journey on a tour that goes back and forth between a traditional tour and filling your ear with the voice of a former detainee screaming for help.

“I wanted it to feel like there was stuff dripping off the walls … that the building is trying to trap you,” said Dusako.

Next week the Wing Luke Museum will open an exhibition of some of the artifacts from the building.

You can read about that as well as learn more about the experience of going through left:behind in the Seattle Globalist.



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