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Atlantic Cities: Chinese Disneyland proposed just north of New York City

China City of AmericaA proposal has been unveiled for a 600 acre project that could eventually bring a Chinese Disneyland to a community just 90 miles north of New York City, reports Atlantic Cities.

Right now the project known as China City of America would include a college, dorms, sports arenas, and performance centers.  Eventually a theme park could be added that would incorporate the Chinese zodiac and the 16 Chinese dynasties.

CEO & creator Sherry Li says she already has $325 million lined up from mostly Chinese national investors. She also wants to create visa opportunities for Chinese families hoping to enroll their children into the school.

China City would be located in Thompson, but some have expressed concerns about being able to handle the infrastructure of such a project and others say they fear the influx of Chinese would be so overwhelming they could outnumber existing residents in the town of 15,000 people.

You can read reaction of the proposal in the Atlantic Cities.


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