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KoreAm: She’s no Asian fetish. She’s Diana Oh & The Sister Rosettas

Sista RosettasIt sounded like a variation of a pick up line Diana Oh has heard many times before, but she was in no mood to be some white guys Asian fetish.

According to KoreAm, it was also the pick up line that lead to the formation of a new indie band with Oh as the lead singer.

The story of The Sister Rosettas goes like this.

She was  hurriedly walking down the street carrying a guitar case when Eric Miranda tried to stop her to talk about music. He told her he once formed a band called Ming Dynasty.

Yeah, right, Oh thought to herself.

She tried to diss Eric, but he persisted

Turns out Ming Dynasty was for real and toured with the likes of Diana Ross and Ben Harper.

The rest is history. Diana is now the lead singer for the reincarnation of Ming Dynasty, The Sister Rosettas.

You can read a lot more about this musical partnership and where it has gone in KoreAm.

You can get a flavor of the band in the clip below.



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