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She Vowed not to date Asian men, and now regrets it

Love RomanceBy Shereniee Beanie Fung

Guest Blogger

(Note from the editor: Sheriniee Beanie Fung posted these comments on the Facebook page Asians Not Brianwashed  by the Media in regards to an old blog on XO Jane entitled I’m an Asian Woman and I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man. They are reprinted below with her permission)

When I was younger, I vowed not to date Asian men too . Not for any reasons particular.

1) Just that almost all local HK man cheats.

2) All Asian families I experience with or in contact with, no one really has any “family warmth”, especially from the man of the family. None of my Asian friends said anything particular good about their dads.

a) they work a lot, b) they tell them not to do stuff. That girl has to have daddy issues too.

3) My own history. my Dad’s family (and my dad) treats my mom terribly. It could be b/c of my mom’s social skills too. My biggest fear is to marry into another Asian family and have them treats me terribly. Of course, this can happens to any race I marry into, but.. it’s a fear. It’s weird.

4) I started dating and it just so happened not Asian. Then it just stayed that way. I’m not single long enough for Asian guys to make a move.

5) I would give anything now to try to date an Asian guys. wtf. How are we going to keep our language alive if i don’t couple with another Cantonese speaker?

That’s really the only reason I will try to date an Asian guy. I’m Chinese and I’m proud of it. It saddens me that my children wont be.


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