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New Media Rockstar: Wong Fu Productions marks 10 years

Wong Fu ProductionsThe Asian American film making trio known as Wong Fu Productions is celebrating its 10th year and 2 millionth You Tube subscriber.

Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu make up the team of Wong Fu Productions.

“To think that we’ve been making videos and sharing them with people for 10 years, that’s a long time,” said Wang during an interview with New Media Rockstar. “I still feel like we’re newbies in this YouTube world.”

They’re newbies that happen to have a romantic short film, The Last, that has generated 7 million views.

In ten short years, they’ve produced more than 300 videos. It didn’t start off this way, but the three now accept the fact that they have become Asian American role models who make films about the Asian American community.

“I think the fact that we want to tell regular stories. but cast Asian Americans is our strongest message of we’re just normal people too that don’t have to be book smart or the nerds or the kung fu guys or the foreign exchange students,” said Chan.  “We just want to tell stories with Asian Americans who can have those everyday stories just like everyone else.”

Despite being three of the biggest You Tube creators in the country, critics scrutinize their work and wonder why they don’t diversify their audience and tell stories other than just about Asian Americans.

“Yeah, everyone has something to say,” says Fu. “Not only do we get comments casting for race, but we also get questions on class and sexuality too. So those are the big three that people actually talk to us about. It’s like, “Why do you make this type of content? Why don’t you have a point of view in the other side of the spectrum?”

You can read the entire interview on New Media Rockstar and see it in the clip below





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