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AlJazeera: Beneath the model minority stereotype of Asian Americans

Asian AmericansMost stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth, then a leap of faith that becomes gospel in many circles.(photo by MDgovpic)

AlJazeera reports that the model minority myth of Asian Americans is one big example.

Truth: Asian Americans earn more than any other ethnic group.  According to the US Census, they have a weekly median income of $973 versus $799 for whites, $634 for blacks and $572 for Latinos.

False: Asian Americans don’t face discrimination. A study by Sociologists Chang Hwan Kim and Arthur Sakamoto found that Asian Americans of equal qualifications earned on average 8 percent less than white men.

Another study found that Chinese must apply for on average five jobs to get a call back, versus three jobs for whites.

You can read more about these studies and the impact of stereotypes on Asian Americans in AlJazeera.





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