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Buzz Feed: The top 6 offenses against Asian Americans

Katy PerryBuzz Feed has declared 2013 as the year of cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation is the assimilation of another culture as part of your own.

For minorities, this can be a negative when they see elements of their own culture twisted and redefined by the dominant culture.

Number 1 and number 3 were quite controversial even in the Asian American community with some saying it was much ado about nothing.

Katy Perry‘s performance at the American Music Awards looked more like a blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures with a dress that simultaneously had a cheongsam and geisha-like feel.

Number three was the Halloween costume worn by three white guys trying to look like the pilots of  Asiana Flight that crashed in San Francisco.

Number two, four and five involved incidents in which the overwhelming majority of Asian Americans condemned.

And number 6, despite some push back, help to end 2013 on a high for many in the Asian American community, especially feminist.

Read the entire list in Buzz Feed and let us know what you think.




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