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Looking back at an infamous year of twitter attacks on Asian Americans

Kate GosselinFrom Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett’s iOpener crack to the Asiana plane crash, there’s been quite a few attacks on Asians and Asian Americans on Twitter this year.
Blogger Stuart Leung put together a list of the top 12.
When you put it all together, it does seem like 2013 was a pretty bad year for Asian Americans on Twitter.
But was it really any worst than previous years?
If there was a list of 12 best Twitter moments for Asian Americans, what would you like to see on that list?
#NotYourAsianSidekick by Suey Park and the #StandwithSangeeta hashtags generated by Deepa Iyer and other South Asian American leaders would rank high. How about the excitement on Twitter over the movie Linsanity by Evan Jackson Leong or the push back Asian Americans generated against many of the racist Twitter attacks cited by Leung.
Anyway, check out the list of Stuart Leung and then give us your thoughts on the best Twitter moments for Asian Americans.


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