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American Free Press: Proposed Chinese development in New York stirs controversy

China City of AmericaCritics of a proposed development 90 miles north of New York known as the China City of America is being called a ploy by the developer to get green cards for investors, reports the American Free Press.

The 600 acre project would be built in Thompson, New York and would include a college, dorms, sports arenas, and performance centers.

The Center for Immigration Studies, a group which advocates for less immigration, released a report critical of the project.

“We as a nation should not sell a set of visas to an investor for any price,” said

David North, a fellow at the Center.  “If we sell, we should do so for a public benefit—as is done in Canada—not just that of some private promoter.”
He is referring to the EB-5 visa program which assists foreign nationals to get green cards in exchange for investing in the United States.
Project creator Sherry Li says she has lined up $325 million in initial investments mostly from foreign nationals and plans to get an additional $6 billion.
She is quoted in Atlantic Cities as saying she would use the EB-5 program as an incentive to attract foreign investment.
The project could eventually be expanded to include a theme park which is already being called a Chinese Disneyland.




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