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Oh, Oh. Tiger mom Amy Chua brings her sense of superiority back in new book

Amy ChuaAmy Chua (pictured) has a way of drawing attention to her books, and in turn, presumably driving up book sales.

The author and Yale professor who  declared the Chinese method of tiger parenting superior to the American way for raising children now grants this notion of the superior Chinese, not only for parenting, but for life in general.

The New York Post reports this time, however, she declares 7 other groups also superior. Every body else, in the words of the Post, are contributing to the “downfall of America.”

The other groups that make Chua’s superiority list are Jews, Indians, Iranians, Lebanese Americans, Nigerians, Cuban exiles, and Mormons.

In her new book, The Triple Package, she grants these groups this sense of superiority based on three measurements–income, occupational status and test scores.

Chua seems to portray herself as a martyr for having the courage to even discuss these topics, which she describes as “difficult to talk about.”

She explains “In large part, this is because the topic feels so racially charged.”

I have not read The Triple Package,  so I won’t condemn it, just yet.

I will admit at being apprehensive and uncomfortable.

I see the model minority argument could be raised all over again.

I fear resentment from other groups angry about being labeled inferior.

I shudder at the thought Chinese Americans will once again be seen as a group through stereotypical eyes rather than as individuals.

I don’t expect the book will be a compliment to Chinese, instead I regret it could set Chinese Americans up as a scape goats.

If that’s a fight the author of the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Republic wants to take on, that’s her choice. I just wish she would leave the rest of us out of it.

You can read more about The Triple Package and the reasons why she sees the eight groups as superior in the New York Post.












  1. RE: Oh, Oh. Amy Chua brings her sense of superiority in new book: Amy Chua is just looking for $$$. Studies have debunked her “tiger mom” theory. Jeremy Lin didn’t have a “tiger mom”….am sure there are others who did well from all cultures without a “tiger mom”.


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