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Huffington Post: We need more Jeremy Lins

Jeremy LinWhat is the Asian American fascination with Jeremy Lin? (photo by David Shankbone)

A blog by Daniel Koh for the Huffington Post concludes the Asian American community needs more Jeremy Lins.

Is it his underdog story of graduating from Harvard and overcoming the odds by breaking into a line up in the NBA?

Of is it that he breaks the mold of the stereotype of the nerdy and socially awkward Asian American male?

For Asian Americans, I suspect its all one and the same. You can’t talk about his underdog story without also talking about how he may have been overlooked by both colleges and NBA scouts because he is Asian American, and hey, Asians just don’t make good athletes.

You can’t talk about Jeremy Lin without acknowledging he’s broken into a field Asian American parents don’t normally encourage their kids to pursue.

Check out Koh’s blog and read why he believes more Asian Americans need to stand up like Jeremy Lin.



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