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KPCC: Immigration rights advocates won’t shed any tears over retirment of LA Sheriff

Sheriff Lee BacaLos Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who took a tough stand on immigration enforcement despite being the son of  a former undocumented immigrant, has announced he won’t seek a fifth term, reports KPCC.

Immigrant rights advocates celebrated his decision.

“Sheriff Baca has been no friend to the immigrant community,” wrote Angelica Salas of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

“Thousands upon thousands of undocumented families living in Los Angeles County who committed no major offense have been deported and faced years of unscrupulous detentions”

Baca was a big supporter of secure communities, the federal policy which calls for local authorities to share finger prints they get with immigration officials, sometimes leading to deportations for  just minor offenses.

You can read more about Baca’s controversial four terms as sheriff and hear from his supporters on KPCC.

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