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Mirai Nagasu wins lots of sympathy, but no spot on US Olympic Ice Skating Team

Mirai Nagasu US Figure skater Mirai Nagasu didn’t win a spot on the US Olympic team despite a third place finish in the nationals Saturday night, but she won the hearts of the fans.

The hashtag #MiraiEarnedIt began catching fire on Twitter Sunday evening.
Everyone from Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas to the fans began tweeting their displeasure.





Nagasu skated in an exhibition Sunday night and was greeted by generous applause, reports USA Today.

She released a statement through the US Figure Skating Association.
“I’m disappointed in the decision,” she said. “Though I may not agree with it, I have to respect the decision the federation made. And I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me and look forward to what comes next in my skating career.”

By most accounts, Nagasu skated brilliantly Saturday night to earn a third place finish at Nationals.
You can read about her performance in USA Today.

You can watch her performance at the Nationals below.




  1. RE: Mirai Nagasu wins lots of sympathy, but no spot on the US Olympic Team: To(sic) many Orientals ruining the sport. Advertisers don’t make any money. Got it.

  2. RE: Mirai Nagasu wins lots of sympathy, but no spot on US Olympic Team: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    Open Letter to USFSA

    Regarding Governance and Administration: Creating a new Article in USFSA’s Bylaws for placement of skaters for the Olympics.

    Patricia St. Peter
    Sam Auxier
    First Vice President(Midwestern) Kathaleen Cutone
    Second Vice President (Eastern) Hal Marron
    Third Vice President(Pacific Coast)
    Heather Nemier
    Warren Naphtal
    Lindsey Weber
    Athlete Member
    Amanda Evora
    Athlete Member
    Erika Hoffman
    Athlete Member
    Pilar Bosley
    Athlete Member
    Karen Kwan Oppegard
    Coaching Member
    Benjamin Miller Reisman
    Coaching Member
    Justin Dillon
    Athlete ServicesGroup Coordinator
    Lainie DeMore
    Membership Development Group Coordinator
    Wendy Enzmann
    Technical Group Coordinator
    Gretchen Bonnie
    Administrative/LegalGroup Coordinator

    I am writing to express my immense disappointment with your decision to place Ashley Wagner ahead of your National Bronze medalist, Mirai Nagasu. My endeavor is directed to the process of making changes for participants of USFSA’s future skaters. There are no do over’s with other respective US sports, and the USFSA should adopt and enact new rules to create a fair environment. The USFSA President, Patricia St. Peter stated that “We have selection guidelines that have been put in place,” insisting that Wagner’s strong overall season had tipped her over the edge. “If you look at Ashley Wagner’s record and performance she has the top credentials. It is an objective analysis.

    In USFSA Bylaws there should be NO room for objective analysis. Simply put, allow the judges to make their decisions and the role of the Board of Directors and executive members should be to solely and entirely enforce them.

    I am requesting that one, any or all board members put a motion to adopt a new article to reflect new rules regarding placement of the top 2 or top 3 skaters representing the United States of America for the Olympics.

    In your Bylaws ARTICLE II Section B states to take all steps necessary to regulate and govern figure skating on ice throughout the United States, including the raising of funds to support activities of U.S. Figure Skating by dues, the sale of publications, the conduct of competitions, carnival
    Assessments, sanction fees and any other lawful means, provided that none of the income of U.S. Figure Skating inures to the private profit of any of its members;

    C. To define and maintain uniform standards of skating proficiency;

    D. To prescribe rules for the holding of and eligibility for tests, competitions,
    Exhibitions, carnivals and all other figure skating activities. To qualify and appoint judges, referees and other officials for all tests, competitions and other figure skating events;

    I request your guidance in showing me where in your Bylaws it allows the members to bump a skater’s placement?

    The USFSA’s decision marks the first time the federation has ever bumped a skater from the team who met all the credentials and placed high enough at nationals and was passed over for the Olympics, i.e. with Nagasu named as an alternate.

    Let me give you an example of a sport who is regulated by the NFL and who cannot change stats or who wins. The NFL simply enforces the rules. Here’s an example which just occurred in their sport. There are two teams who are almost mirror images of each other. If you look at the overall rankings, the Patriots Offense is slightly better than the Colts Offense, and the Colts Defense is slightly better than the Patriots Defense. Overall, a very even match-up. These are the stats:
    • We’ll start when the Patriots have the ball, where they are excellent moving the football down the field, ranking in the top five in most of the drive-related stats, including 4th in Drive Success Rate. Their Time of Possession per Drive is slightly above league average, but that could be attributed to scoring quickly too. The Colts will need to get them off the field.
    • These two teams are two of the least penalized teams in the NFL. Officials call fewer penalties in the Playoffs, so we could see a game with very few penalties. If one team is getting a ton, they’ll be at a more-than-normal disadvantage. No stupid penalties.
    The Colts have actually played better on the road this season, and the Patriots have played a bit worse at home. These aren’t the dominant Patriots we’ve seen in past years. All these things are lining up for the Colts to win Saturday night.
    This was the prediction of the SB Nation: Stampede Blues Stats: Colts 28, Patriots 26. When in fact the Final Score: Pats Move On to AFC Championship with 43-22 Win! Can you imagine having the NFL overrule and put the Colts in for the AFC Championships? It would be an outrage.

    Make a motion today for a new Article in your Bylaws.

    Kind regards,

    Patricia Gur
    Former professional Ice Skater

  3. RE: Mirai Nagasu wins lots of sympathy, but no spot on US Olympic Team: usfsa posted their thoughts. It reads like unconscious bias (unconscious discrimination). They are honest about it.

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