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YOMYOMF: Was slap episode of How I Met Your Mother racist?

How I Met Your MotherThat was one strange episode of How I Met Your Mother last night on CBS.

According to YOMYOMF, a few people took to Twitter last night and used the words racist to describe it.





In the episode, there’s some sort of bet between Marshall, as played by Jason Segel, and Barney, as portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris.

Marshall goes to a kung fu master to get lessons on slapping because, if you didn’t know it, slapping is what kung fu masters specialize in.

Just as the tweets point out, we are subjected to a lot of yellow face casting which should not be acceptable to CBS or to any viewer. It’s just offensive, plain and simple.

I also couldn’t get over the pretty lame editing. The cuts between the slaps, which were supposed to be faster than the eye, and the kung fu master were pretty amateurish.

You can read more about the episode on YOMYOMF.



  1. RE: Was slap episode of How I Met Your Mother racist? : It was actually Marshall that went to the Kung Fu Master, not Barney.


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