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8 Asians: Are Asian Americans less religious and ethnic?

CrossBuddhismMuslim(note from the Editor: Today, AsAmNews is going to pay homage to other Asian American bloggers by devoting much of this space to stories inspired by those bloggers. This piece is inspired by 8 Asians.)

When it comes to Asian Americans, we seem to be less at a lot of things.

One of those is that we’re less visible than other ethnic groups. You won’t get an argument from me there on that point.

8 Asians reports that Authors Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell contend that Asian Americans are less religious and less ethnic than other groups. Really, now? Quite a number of Asian Americans are Christians, Buddhist, Muslims and even Jews. Nearly every Asian American I’ve ever met carries on cultural traditions to at least some degree.

Mihee in her blog for  8 Asians had the same reaction.

She says the ascendency of Jeremy Lin is a good counterpoint to the argument by Putnam and Campbell. She explores that issue further in  8 Asians.



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