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.@HapaMamaGrace harassed, hacked and attacked

Grace Hwang Lynch(note from the Editor: Today, AsAmNews is going to pay homage to other Asian American bloggers by devoting much of this space to stories inspired by those bloggers. This piece is inspired by Grace Hwang Lynch, aka @hapamamagrace)

Some things shouldn’t be. This is one of them.

Harassment and bullying on the internet is an fact of life. Unfortunately many women bloggers face this much too often.

The latest example is Grace Hwang Lynch.

Someone created a spoof account using her picture along with a Twitter handle that could easily be mistaken as hers. The spoof account tweeted out the N word which received many angry replies.

Understandably Grace didn’t want to be associated in any way to this Tweet and quickly went on the offensive doing what she could to ensure that her followers knew she had nothing to do with the spoof account.

The incident threatened to tarnish her reputation.

You can read how she saved it by reading her account in Blog Her.




  1. RE: HapaMama Grace hacked, attacked and Harassed: Hope she’s a member of AAJA and gets to speak about her experience in a workshop in DC later this year, perhaps with others….


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