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Jeff Yang responds to haters over his objection to Mirai Nagasu being left off #Olympic team. @originalspin

Mirai Nagasu(note from the Editor: Today, AsAmNews is going to pay homage to other Asian American bloggers by devoting much of this space to stories inspired by those bloggers. This story came from veteran Asian American blogger Jeff Yang .)

The word racism can be a volatile word. Some see use of that word as a red herring.

Jeff Yang didn’t even use that word in his commentary in the Wall Street Journal criticizing the omission of Mirai Nagasu from the US Olympic team despite her third place finish at Nationals.

But some read into his piece more than he intended.

As Jeff himself put it, “Many readers and commentators chose to interpret what I wrote as charging the USFSA with racism.”

Jeff merely stated a fact, a fact that cannot be disputed.

Never in the history of the US Figure Skating Association has a medalist at Nationals been passed over for the Olympics unless that skater was injured.

Check out Jeff Yang‘s follow up and let him know what you think.





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