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Reappropriate: Asian Americans have long history in resistance movement

Vincent Chin(note from the Editor: Today, AsAmNews is going to pay homage to other Asian American bloggers by devoting much of this space to stories inspired by those bloggers.  This piece is inspired by Reappropriate.)

Anyone who sees a photo exhibition Serve the People, the Asian American Movement  in New York will likely leave questioning the stereotype that Asian Americans are passive, quiet and timid.

Perhaps inspired by that exhibition, Reappropriate lists ten areas where Asian Americans have been active in the resistance movement.

They fall into ten general categories.

1. Fighting off racial violence

2. Civil disobedience

3. Labor strikes

4. Citizenship

5. Immigration rights

6. Overturning the constitutionality of the incarceration of Japanese Americans

7. Civil rights

8. Asian American Studies

9. Vincent Chin

10. Digital activism

You can read examples of each of those in Reappropriate.




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