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The #Asian American bloggersphere is stronger with diverse voices

AsAmNews logo I’ll never try to pretend I’m something I’m not.

Since I launched AsAmNews as a website a year ago in December, and as a Twitter account three years ago, I’ve steadily increased the eyeballs turning to AsAmNews for updates on Asian America.

During that time, many well intended people have approached me and asked me what about this blogger, what about that blogger.

Let me be clear. I’m not competing with other Asian American bloggers. I’m grateful of the support other more established Asian American bloggers have given me. Some have been more supportive than others. But I can gratefully and honestly say none have attacked me as the competition, or as someone invading their space.

Hopefully AsAmNews adds to the voices in the Asian American bloggersphere and is not a rehash of what’s already out there.

Sure, there’s overlap. But that can be a good thing as we try to get an Asian American perspective out there.

I’ve never hesitated to link to other Asian American bloggers.

Today, I noticed there have been quite a number of good pieces published in the last day or two by some of those bloggers.

I’ve decided to feature many of them today. So if you go through my feed, you’ll notice much of my material today will be inspired by other Asian American bloggers.

Diversity in the Asian American bloggersphere only makes us stronger.



  1. RE: The Asian American blogosphere is stronger with more diverse voices. Well said Randall! Thank you for your postings and what you do for Asian Americans. I often tweet some of your postings. Best wishes and continued success to you! Kindest, Dottie


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