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Women of China: Family of jaywalker roughed up by police to press charges

Kang WongThe family of the 84-year old Chinese man who accuse New York police of beating him say they will likely press charges against the officers, reports Women of China.
Police stopped Wong as he crossed the street against the light as part of a ordered crackdown on jaywalking.

A third pedestrian in a month had been struck and killed just 12 hours earlier.

Witnesses say there appeared to be a language barrier and that they could hear Wong responding in Spanish.

His family says Wong used to live in Cuba and speaks fluent Spanish.

The struggle began when Wong not understanding what was going on tried to walk away. The officers tried to hold him back and that’s when a confrontation started.

More officers arrived and by the time the struggle was over, the 84-year old was left bleeding and dazed.

You can read more about what happened after the struggle in Women of China.

If you haven’t seen video of the incident, you can watch it below.


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