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Asian Girz Levy Tran resurfaces in new commerical

Asian GirlzYou likely remember the controversy over Asian Girlz, the song by Day Above Ground that took the objectification of Asian American women to new heights.
Model Levy Tran, a Vietnamese American model out of San Jose, took a lot of flack for portraying the Asian Girl as the mostly white band members ogled over her and fantasized about what they could do to her because she was their “Asian girl.”
Tran later apologized for participating in the video and joined those who asked that the video be removed. The band eventually complied and now Tran has resurfaced again, this time in a commercial for Central Computer.

There are those who say Levy should be made to pay the price for her sin and never be allowed to work again.
I’m not one of them as long as she learned from her mistake and takes on roles and gigs that don’t denigrate Asian Americans.
Tran already has paid a pretty huge price from all the backlash she received.. Actress Kristina Wong even came out with a video ridiculing Tran as a brainless ditz.
You can see it below.

As you know by now, the Asian Girlz video was eventually pulled by the band.
It’s time to move on.


  1. RE: Asian Girlz model resurfaces in new commercial: think she should get s crash course on APA history sooner thsn later. The same goes for all APA’ s in show biz…

  2. RE: Asian girl Levy Tran resurfaces in new commercial: Maybe you should also know that Iraq and Iran are in Asia, and Asia’s largest country is Russia,. or that there are more brown Asians than yellow Asians….

    • RE: Audreny’s comment on Asian Girl Levy Tran resurfaces in new commercial: You are right that Asia should include more other Asians, but usually we reference EAST Asians as opposed to SOUTH Asians, SouthEast Asians and Middle Eastern Asians or West Asians. Also YOU ARE WRONG. There are more YELLOW Asians than brown ones. JUST A FACT you should learn! Also Russia is apart of EAST Asia, but no one talks about the HUGE population of YELLOW Asians in Russia. Even Yellow Asians live in European Russia. So get your facts together before you state such IDIOTIC comments! The term Asia itself is a racist GREEK word assigned to the people’s of East Asia just like the term Oriental which was FIRST used to describe middle easterners. We are using the term in regards to CULTURE and not just a whole continent.


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