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New York Times: The changing landscape of Chinatowns in the US

Las Vegas ChinatownThe Chinatowns of today are quite different from the Chinatowns of yesteryear, according to an article in the New York Times.


An article by Bonnie Tsui, author of American Chinatown, reports on the diversity of Chinatowns in the United States.


They range from your traditional urban enclaves such as New York’s Chinatown to newer suburban ones like that in Monterey Park, the first majority Asian American city in the United States; to Disneyland-like Chinatowns like in Las Vegas which Tsui describes as “fabricated.” Isn’t everything in Las Vegas fabricated? (photo by Jenny8Lee)


Las Vegas has inspired a similar Chinatown in Austin, Texas.


“It’s not the traditional Chinatown; it’s different because it’s commercial but not residential, not yet,” said Dorothy Huang, a 30 year resident of the state. “You are watching change happen right in front of you.”
You can read about all these Chinatowns in the New York Times


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