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Saturday Night Live ratings stunt comes at expense of Asian Americans. #SaturdayNightLies

Saturday Night Live It’s hard to believe the folks at Saturday Night Live didn’t know what kind of reaction they would get.
During the important February rating period, known in television lingo as sweeps, Saturday Night Live chose to turn to yellowface casting to generate controversy, and more eyeballs to the TV.
Almost as soon as it happened Twitter was on fire with outraged tweets from incredulous viewers.
The hashtag #SaturdayNightLies took off, started by the master of the hashtags, Suey Park, who became famous after kicking off the #NotYourAsianSidekick hashtag.
The fact that this took place so soon after the How I Met Your Mother yellowface casting controversy is not a coincidence.
Once again it was supposedly a homage to Kung Fu.
But this time it came complete with faux Asian accent.
Is this where Bruce Lee is supposed to come in and destroy the set of Saturday Night Live?
Too bad Bruce Lee is dead.
We’ll just have to rely on social media to let @NBCSNL know where they can put their yellowface.
For those that missed it, here’s the clip.


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