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Washington Post: Dispute over Sea of Japan washes onto US shores

Sea of Japan A lingering dispute between Japan and Korea over what to call a body of water has plunged into American politics.

A bill now in the Virginia legislature and being pushed for by the Korean American community would require text books used in schools in that state to refer to a body of water off the Korean coast as the East Sea, reports the Washington Post.

It’s other name, the Sea of Japan, is seen by the Korean community as a symbol of Japanese occupation.

The Korean network, Airang, reports that the Japanese Embassy has hired a lobbying firm to help defeat the measure.

“This is big stuff,” Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax) said. “A lot of people who survived this — not only are they alive, but they’re living in Annandale.”

You can read about why some say Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) who promised Korean Americans he would support the bill now wishes it would go away in the Washington Post.

You can see a video report on the Japanese Embassy’s lobbying efforts in Airang.


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