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Daily Northwestern: What are Asian girls suppose to look like? @rrrlisarrr

Lisa LeeWhat are Asian girls suppose to look like?

That’s what Lisa Lee, creator of the Tumblir blog, Thick Dumpling Skin, asked to kick off Body Acceptance Week at Northwestern University, reports the Daily Northwestern.

“We’re still living in a society where we’re given limitations based on our gender,” Lee said. “From a young age, we’re told what’s socially acceptable and what’s not.”

Lee developed an eating disorder during college and her friends had to stage an intervention.

Today the former editor of the Asian American magazine Hyphen and diversity manager at Facebook  runs Thick Dumpling Skin with actress Lynn Chen.

“The journey to love yourself has no end,” she said. “It’s a lifelong process.”

You can read more about Body Acceptance Week and how students convinced the campus to invite Lee in the Daily Northwestern..

You can hear Lee tell her own story of struggle with her body image in the video below.


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