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Arirang: Hopes dashed for Korean Americans to reunited with loved ones

KoreatownWhatever hope Korean Americans had for reuniting with loved ones in North Korea faded to black when only 170 families were allowed reunions, reports Arirang (photo by Kenzie).

A glimmer of hope, however faint, surfaced when the two Koreas agreed to the reunions a month earlier.

There are an estimated 100,000 Korean Americans families with ties to North Korea. But most don’t expect to see their relatives any time soon.

“There are hundreds of thousands of separated families in South Korea, and just for them to take a trip to the North to meet their families will take decades. I don’t think people like me in the United States, will have a chance, ” said Choi Chang-chun, a member of the National Unification Advisory Council of Los Angeles.

You can read more about the hopes of Korean Americans and watch a video clip in Arirang.


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