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Asian American student conferences bridge generational & cultural divides

ECAASU 2014Asian American student conferences on both coasts encouraged AAPI students to craft a professional image, to overcome stereotypes and to learn to better deal with cultural conflicts(Photo from ECAASU.com: “Cynthia Luo, ECAASU Blog Editor, speaking to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about one of her students).

This past weekend, the East Coast Asian American Student Union or ECAASU held its annual convention in Washington DC on both Georgetown University and George Washington University, reports the Hoya.

The Southern California Pilipino American Student Alliance held its annual summit in Riverside earlier this month, according to  the Inquirer.

“We need to change the perceptions of Asian- American professionals by some employers,” professor of public communication at American University Scott Talan said at the ECAASU conference. “Branding yourself in a proper way can make potential employers see beyond your Asian stereotypes—stereotypes that can create a lot of stress for Asian-Americans both on and off the workplace.”

That message resonated with Daniel Kim of the class of 2017.

“Growing up in Tennessee as an Asian American wasn’t easy, and many people would often expect me to get perfect math or science scores in my high school,” Kim  said. “I had a hard time dealing with those stereotypes, but this conference helped me a lot with making a brand out of myself so that I can be seen beyond the expectations people might have about me.”

At the SCPASA summit earlier this month, the emphasis was on bridging the generational divide among SCPASA 2014Filipino Americans.

The goal of the summit was to “understand our folks’ history and thus bridge our common cultural upbringing with one another,” said Adrian Velasco, chairman of the SCPASA.

“It’s heartening that I’m not alone with parents who are strict and who do not want us to get jobs and to just concentrate on our studies,” said junior Decie Reyes.

You can read more about both conferences in the Hoya and the Inquirer.




  1. RE: Asian American student conferences bridge generational and cultural diviide: Think U of FL is schuduled to have a April AA student conference in Gainesville, home of Gatorade.


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