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Indian Express: China calls Chinese American US Ambassador to China a banana

Gary Locke Gary Locke officially stepped down this week as the US Ambassador to China.

The former Governor of Washington and Commerce Secretary became the first Chinese American to hold the post when confirmed in 2011, but Locke didn’t exactly get a fond farewell from the Chinese.

The Indian Express reports the state owned China News Service compared him to a banana–yellow on the outside, white inside.

Locke wasn’t bashful about calling on China to improve human rights. He is also seen as the driving force behind getting Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng out of China after he escaped from house arrest for his political activities.

Locke received much adulation from the Chinese population after arriving in the country. He became sort of a celebrity when pictures showed him carrying his own luggage after landing at the airport, a stark contrast to Chinese dignitaries noted for flaunting their privilege.

The Indian Express compared Locke to Indian American prosecutor Preet Bharara.

Bharara was slammed by India for his progressive pursuit of the charges against diplomat Devyani Khobragade for her treatment of her domestic help.

In his farewell speech, Locke made reference to his Chinese heritage. You can read about that in the Indian Express.

What do you think of this name calling? Have you used the term? When should it be applied and when is it unfair?


  1. RE: Chinese call Chinese American US Ambassador to China a banana:Many Chinese-Americans have been called “banana”. It’s just another put-down on the list. A friend of mine said that she didn’t care if she was called a banana, because she was happy with her life and herself. And of course, put-downs hurt more when they are made by someone of your own race, but that still doesn’t make them true.

  2. RE: China calls Chinese American ambassador to China a banana: I think that in a true demoracy one does what’s right, regardless of your own ethnic background.

    I understand things are heighten when the offenders are the same nationality or ethnicity.

    However, if it was a Jewish American prosecutor vs. a Jewish American defendant who was convicted of some wrong doing, I doubt their would be an outcry. I applaud both Bharara & Locke for their efforts of being true to America & what it stands for.


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