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Wash Post: Last ditch effort to kill East Sea Bill drowns in defeat

Sea of JapanA bill in Virginia that would require text books to also call the Sea of Japan the East Sea is headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature, reports the Washington Post.

The bill was widely supported in the Korean American community which says the name Sea of Japan reminds them of the days of Japanese occupation. Japan, however, heavily lobbied against the bill even after it passed both houses in Virginia.

A last ditch amendment that would have also required textbooks to acknowledge the contributions of African Americans would have stalled the bill until next year.

But the amendment failed to win support in both houses.

Governor Terry McAuliffe quietly lobbied to try to kill the bill, but had promised during his campaign that he would support it.

“He made a campaign promise to sign it, and he’s going to honor his promise,”  a McAuliffe spokesman said.



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